KPI Overseas offer a comprehensive range of packagings materials treated to prevent the onset of corrosion in a wide variety of metals and alloys. The range covers Impregnated paper-based construction, as well as polythene films with corrosion inhibitors included in the extrusion process.

The critical formulation impregnated or extruded into these materials are known Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI). VCI's combat corrosion by preventing acids and high humidity from accelerating energy loss in metallic substances. The is achieved by both contact and volatile inhibitors, which form a thin protective layer on the surface of the metal. This molecular layer is self-replenishing to give long term protection , but need not be wiped away before the metal item can be put to it's intended use. The volatile nature of the inhibitors allows all surfaces of irregular shaped items to be protected.

- Protect metals against environmental corrosion accelerators.
- Will only protect ' clean' items - cannot reverse corrosion.
- Protective vapors released into enclosed airspace and condense on metal surface
- Thin protective layer formed, which remains between metal and moisture\acids.
- VCI' s available in paper impregnation and P E film extrusion

Key Features
- Rapid action and long term inhibitors give continuous protection - min 18 months.
- Volatility allows protection of all areas.
- Protective layer is self-replenishing.
- Safe and non-toxic.
- No need to wipe off.
- Cost effective.
- Multi-metal formulations available.
- Will not interfere with operation of mechanical items
- Can eliminate need for oils-But
- Need to assess compatibility with other packaging materials used.
- Most efficient in enclosed environments.

VCI Papers
- Acts as carrier for VCI
- Impregnated not coated hence
     - No flake or rub off
     - Active both sides where required
     - Impregnation does not stick to protected article.

- Relatively inexpensive
- Easy to use
- Simple & environmentally friendly disposal
- Variety of substances and constructions

Impregnation's available
- "COROTEX" for steel
- "ZINCOTEX" for zinc galvanized steel
- "COROTEX PLUS" for colored metals
- All protect ferrous metals